Our care for clients can be seen in our results. Here are a few proven solutions to problems we see on a regular basis. To discuss any solutions that may fit your current situation please feel free to contact us.


The names of clients have been concealed for their protection.

The main concern for our client was the marketability of their property. The occupancy rate was low and the desired demographic was not attained by the traditional avenues of advertising free months rent.  
Like many businesses the cost of telecommunications can be quite expensive, especially when your business has multiple locations. This was just the case for one of our clients, but no longer, with the use of 3com’s NBX VOIP system.  

With an aging nurse call system, our client was in need of change. Their immediate need was for a system to handle 35 rooms but once installed, expansion of this system to handle the 300+ rooms was needed. SARA was just the answer.

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