Like many businesses the cost of telecommunications can be quite expensive, especially when your business has multiple locations. This was just the case for one of our clients, but no longer, with the use of 3com’s NBX VOIP system. A large percentage of the calls made from our clients’ offices were between locations and to service men in the field. Additionally their PBX was reaching its’ capacity and they found the need to utilize the additional unified messaging options available from a VOIP system.


The merge from the traditional PBX to the NBX went smooth due to the different backbone infrastructure. With both systems up and running, all of the ‘kinks’ could be worked out without any downtime. With the point to point T1’s in place, all of the remote location networks worked seamlessly to provide toll free calling with only dialing a simple extension. In addition, the cellular phone plan offered free calls between the members so we utilized some additional cell phones to create the ability to communicate with the field technicians and not incur any toll charges. The monthly toll savings and savings due to ease of administration of the system were not the only received benefits.

The 3com NBX has many options as with many unified messaging systems, convergence of messaging, database referrals to bring up names and information of previous customers and the accessibility of community messages so all emergencies can be handled immediately.

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