The main concern for our client was the marketability of their property. The occupancy rate was low and the desired demographic was not attained by the traditional avenues of advertising free months rent. The property was serviced by the local cable company and the complaints like usual went disregarded.


Taking the clients needs and the building construction into consideration, we created a plan that would prove to be more than successful. First we gave the residents an option other than the local cable company service by offering a 70 channel lineup for free. High Speed Internet service was added for free and then the residents were also given access to an L-band overlay which enables them to receive additional services via DirecTV by use of a single ‘community’ dish.

One year later our client is more than pleased with the outcome of the solutions provided. The occupancy rate is currently at 100% and residents seem to be ecstatic with the services offered. Now with the added value to the property the clientele is changing to more young professionals. With the change in occupancy, return on the capital invested came to about 5 months, and the property may expand to serve more residents.

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