Ethernet’s dominance in data communications has been enabled by cost-efficient operation over standard twisted-pair cabling and Qamtec will continue to provide this necessary service. Cat-3, 5E, 6 for voice, data or custom applications enable most businesses the ability to do the day to day activities that are essential in all markets.

Qamtec appreciates the need for a solid network and therefore installs all cables properly and will test these placed cables for your satisfaction.

Due to advancement in the industry, copper twisted pair currently supports Gigabit Ethernet (GE), Power over Ethernet and soon may be able to support 10GE. Qamtec will continue to support any customer who wishes to improve their current infrastructure to facilitate these technologies.


Equipped with all the proper gear to install, maintain and certify fiber optics, Qamtec works with system operators to dramatically increase the productivity of their networks. By implementing fiber our clients not only dramaticly speed up their network, but also decrease packet loss and frame delay and create a perfect opportunity to carry sensitive applications like VOIP and video conferencing.


Qamtec also will service all Outside Plant whether copper or fiber including network extentions.


Large and small businness alike can use wireless access points or bridges to extend their network into areas that are difficult to reach with wires, like warehouses, meeting rooms and even secondary office locations.

Any business can use Wireless Access to provide easy Internet and network access for their mobile staff as well as for visitors to their facility. Instead of searching around for an Ethernet connection and cable, they can simply log onto the corporate network using a wireless connection.

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